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We're an AGILE Team

Driving Product Innovation requires a strategy that is build on real-world wants and a highly skilled team, capable of delivering projects. With almost two decades of software expertise across multiple technology fields, SODEL’ agile engineering team is poised to help you up-scale and up-skill, to deliver your vision.


Our Workflow


Product as a service

Efficient boost in profitability; and management with ease of remote access.

Product as a service

Valuable information for product development is gathered where private and public deployment is possible. Manages data and application resources that are made up of a programming language execution environment.

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Software as a service

Experience an easy and faster way of application delivery over the cloud rather than on-premise software.

Software as a service

Offers high scalability for any range of products in need, so that businesses could access the software. Eliminates the expense of hardware and installation.

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People as a service

Reduce outsourcing costs, bridge any skill gap, get your product to market faster.

People as a service

Technology and offshore people are combined into one single efficient platform. Configured to companies’ specific needs. Robust developmental audit standards to overcome the challenges.

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Product as a service

Creates a continuous, profitable and stable business by Selling products as a service. In addition to being an easy and hassle-free product service, there will be no longer issues to make expensive one-off purchases.

  • Establishes long-term customer relationships.
  • Increases predictability and instability of growth.
  • Products are easy to maintain and upgradable.
  • Extends the life of the product.


Software as a service

We Provide Full Scale software development service with desktop app integration for MacOS, Window, and Linux and Deliver end-to-end software project on time, within budget and scope.

  • Mapping Business Processes
  • Third Party Tools Integrations
  • Document Management Systems
  • On-going Support & Enhancements



People as a service

Supports digital transformation through the combination of people's services, expertise and technology. Focuses on analysing and capturing the data that enables to create a greater competitive advantage for the core business.

  • generating data-driven insight
  • Develops new and innovative solutions
  • Managing data input and processing
  • Applies across varying workflows

Our Team

Namit Mhatre

PHP Rockstar

Sughosh Kumar

Ruby on Rails Lead

Rahul Agarwal



Product Leader

Mayank Jain

Emerging & Open Source Tech

Vishal Gupta

Java Ninja

Sunil Mondal

Front-end Maverick

Prachi Walake

Ruby on Rails Lead

Aniruddha Desai

Senior Design Lead & mobile technologies

Rajesh Kakkanat

Design Architect

Kasim Khan

QA Wizard

Vishal Manval

Java Leader


Javascript Leader