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Building an Enterprise Suite for the Core Banking Services Industry

How the Sodel team helped YesBank to morph from a traditional enterprise core banking system to a next-generation cloud-based core banking system.

The Situation

Yes Bank searches for a trusted technology partner to expand it’s core banking offering

Yes Bank is a global provider of complete suite of investment and banking services, and is a high quality, customer centric and service driven Bank. Yes Bank contracted Sodel to develop and continuously improve its enterprise suite of banking technology system solutions. For nearly a decade, SODEL has provided Yes Bank with a wide range of services, including high quality research, software product development, architecture design, quality assurance and technical support.

The Solution

Timely delivery and continuous support of a core banking solutions suite

Working closely together for a decade now, dedicated teams from SODEL and Yes Bank have developed a system for the banking industry that offers performant and secure product offerings across multiple lines of business such as KYC, Anti-Money-Laundering(AML) Gift Cards, Fixed Deposits to QR Payment Acceptance. Our deep technology expertise and the mutual understanding of strategic priorities, enabled to map the needs effectively into the prioritisation and delivery of product features.

The Banking system includes products for data management, accounting, KYC, AML, and performance measurement, delivered either as a comprehensive suite or as a individually deployed solutions. We have also implemented industry regulations support, which addresses our client’s expanding needs.

The veterans at SODEL are also working to enhance Yes Bank’s existing solutions. With the help of SODEL team, some of Yes Bank’s products have been migrated to newer technologies.

The Results

Yes Bank successfully expedited the development of their core software offerings

Our technical expertise in defining project-level architecture, including design, infrastructure and data architecture, helped Yes Bank to establish an accelerated and robust product development cycle, ensuring firstly, the ability to scale through modular architectures and APIs communication and secondly, a smooth delivery with reduced IT costs and thirdly, an accelerated time to market.

SODEL was instrumental in the improvement and expansion of the product’s technological capabilities through proactivity in identifying and implementing the relevant expertise and technology, such as mobility, architecture, and UI/UX.



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