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What will be next breakout in tech technology?
By Sodel Team 22-Nov-2023

"Your self-esteem won't matter to the world. You will have to accomplish something before you feel good about yourself in the world" - Bill Gates

A world leader in software development, Sodel Software Solutions offers a wide range of customized software solutions on all Open Source technologies. Several companies have chosen to downsize, and perhaps that was the right decision for them. We want to do something different.

As, we believed that if we put great software in front of customers, they would wish to open and use it. Taking the technology created in our laboratories and moving it to the marketplace. As for commercialization is crucial for realizing the technology's potential in improving the quality of life and increasing the independence of people with disabilities. Commercializing those innovations, processes, and inventions can allow us to pass on the benefits to people with disabilities.

What is the newest technology?

A few of the technologies that are making up the IT sector are listed below.

  • o Automation of business processes through robotics, also known as RPA
  • o edging compute
  • o automaton Dexterity
Next Breakout in a New Technology:
Why breakout is essential:

A web design platform with breakout rooms and online collaborative space was especially critical to the successful implementation of this program. Each of the four instructional activities the group developed incorporates a different form of Technology. Computer simulations, systems thinking tools, a mathematical model created via a spreadsheet, and media and information literacy tools are included in these technologies.

Our objective is to develop a coherent unit of design that integrates the activities and aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards.


The next best breakout after block chain is Smart-Clothing. Although we foresee it is either VR.

Augmented Reality

Technology continues to improve, so augmented reality is poised to become very popular this year.

Virtual Reality

These breakouts have a remarkable opening to change the world in a big way. We take up the change with the aim of how the human race gets concerned. There are so many changes upcoming up in the technical space in the coming years.

Many upcoming changes are occurring in the coming years in the best technology space. As we consider ourselves here, we are always paying attention to learning all these new technologies. As we watch videos, research, think, and design. Also, I prefer online courses whenever applicable for my own.

A New Technology Adoption Rate:

For every 50 million users:



12 years

Mobile phone

7 years




1 year



Pokemon Go


Democratization- A democratic organization in Technology

The word democratization results from democracy. As every person have the same human rights and responsibilities. Similarly, the new technology democratization refers to the straightforward right of entry of technical domain to everybody.

Following aspects of democratization of new technology trend that make sense of the latest technological trends:

  • o function development
  • o Design/Drawing
  • o Acquaintance
  • o Records and analytics
Example of Democratization

An example of democratization can be certified by the developers because developers will be talented to generate models without learning any skill. However, a concern that is information technology will emerge by using the latest technologies trends. The reason is that it will also make it possible for people to make the most of easy-to-use tools.

What Will Be the Next Big Thing in Technology?

The form of socialism to respect technology advances will draw the ethical lines of the customer data breach. Moreover, it will include both unfathomable innovation and intricate connectedness.

AI Products would contribute over $15.7 trillion Global economy by 2030, According to a PwC estimate in the future. Businesses must not only collaborate to create a cyber-secure environment. But they must also reconsider their approach to data analytics. For this to happen, current employees must be well-trained in the latest information technology trends, and the procedure must be followed correctly. We expect to see a technologically evolved world with conclusive use cases.

What is the Meaning of a Technological Trend?

Technology is considered an ever-evolving root phrase. Moreover, any technology in use can be classified as part of the current technology trend. The next technology trend can be credited to the technologies expected to catch up in the future.

What Role Does Technology Play in Our Daily Activities?

Technology has entered nearly every part of our life as the times have changed. Everything is at our fingertips, from dialing to controlling our lights at home. Technology is projected to become more integrated into our daily lives as time passes.

Advantages of Modern Technology:
  • o Technology solar electrical power
  • o Technology for disabled people to make them able
  • o Technology artificial intelligence
Disadvantages of Modern Technology:
  • o Modern technology waste our time
  • o Technology causes distraction from work and study
  • o Technology causes social isolation of the people


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