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Clash of Technologies
By Sodel Team 22-Nov-2023

"There is a balanced path forward that allows us to embrace technology without becoming it, to use it as a tool and not as a purpose" - Gerd Leonhard

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Clash tech:

It seems like there is a tech clash everywhere. A proliferation of innovative products is occurring even as businesses wall them off in closed ecosystems. Our need for unlimited choice is met by vendor lock-in and inflexibility. Similar to this, we are more often cut off from our valuable data when we ask for a new look at the ownership model and shares in the rewards.

Automation remains the standout application of technology, which leaves many people concerned about the future of their livelihoods. Technology distrust and consumer wariness are on the rise due to the tech crash.

The ultimate currency is trust:

Innovation agendas aren't slowed down, but businesses need to change course if they want their products and services to find a receptive market. The longstanding strategy of every company should be examined through the lens of people. This entails re-engineering the interactions that bring people and technology together.

Although examining the consequences of data and technology democratization and re-evaluating what technology offers people and how it affects their lives, trust and responsibility will become more vital as time goes on. Enterprises must adapt to the reality they've created as they implement technological advances. Those have a more significant impact on the globe and are more deeply rooted in people's lives.

Distinguishing tech-clash in technological trends:

How can businesses go about realigning their tool in this manner? 

It begins with reconsidering fundamental but now out-of-date business models. The Company "Technology Viewpoint 2020" reports identified the main technological developments. So that companies should consider as part of their efforts to reposition their designs in terms of bringing a more personalized approach to their innovation and technology efforts. Cooperation runs through all of each other, as organizations are only ready to contact their demands. As if they co-operate with people. The following are the technological trends:

The I in Experience

Leading organizations will create experiences that enhance a person's agency and options. Leaders will offer true collaborations that transform passive listeners into engaged people instead of one-way experiences that can leave people feeling out of the loop.

AI and Me

As AI capabilities advance, the true pioneers will be those who consider how the technology can be used to unleash their people's full power and potential. That entails going beyond the use cases of automation and job replacement and reimagining AI to add and augment how people do their work.

The Smart Things Dilemma

Quickly as possible, the technology world will be in a constant state of beta development, with products or services constantly in the works. This calls into question long-held beliefs about who owns a product. Addressing this new reality will be critical to success as entities introduce new and innovative products related to digital experiences.

Robots in the Wild

Robotics is no longer confined to the factory floor or warehouse. With 5G poised to rapidly accelerate this rapidly growing trend. Every company must reconsider its future and through the lens of robotic systems.

Expenditure of Technology:

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